Flourishing Workplace Webinar - Randy McNeely

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Randy is the founder and Chief Kindness Officer of the PEPOK Institute, providing world-class cultural transformation solutions using the Culturewise turnkey culture operating system. He is a passionate advocate for utilizing the positive engagement power of kindness to build powerful, trustworthy personal and professional relationships that lead to positive economic outcomes. Randy is also a powerful voice promoting the embracement of kindness to inspire greater light, hope, love, unity and peace in the world.

Randy Is the author of The Kindness Givers’ Formula: 4 Simple Steps for Restoring Light, Hope, Love, Unity, and Peace. This gem of a book provides an easy yet powerfully effective solution that anyone willing can readily learn and implement.

In his sessions, you can learn the four straightforward habit-building-steps for daily intentional kindness giving, get practical information for ingraining them in your life and unleashing the power of kindness giving, and read inspiring examples of the formula in action. Randy has also authored Daily Dose of Positive - Volume 1: 90 Days of Timeless Nuggets to Enhance Your Life. He has inspired thousands of people around the world through social media, appearances on television, podcasts, and radio. In his interviews, he frequently presents the powerful ability for kindness encompassed behaviors to build loyalty and trust, unleash creativity and innovation, lead to feelings of personal and professional happiness and wellness, promote positive mental health, inspire positive leadership, and result in greater personal strength and resilience. Randy co-hosts the weekly podcast, The Kindness & Happiness Connection, and is currently working on a new Reality TV show called The Kindness Givers!



The world has changed and it’s not going back to exactly how it was. The real question is…what can you do to make sure your business is an even better workplace in 2022?


What challenges are you currently facing within your team culture?
Is your team engaged or are they showing up physically yet not mentally and emotionally?


What actions are you going to take in creating a culture where people LOVE to work?

 We are offering you an opportunity to ignite change in the workplace.


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